Currently- Spring Edition 2013

Happy March 1st- I can’t believe that its March 1st already!!!
Spring is almost here, and with that I bring a new Currently. 

obsessing over: all of my RMT appointments! I have no idea why it took us so long to make them, but I love getting a weekly massage. I love it even more because its covered under our benefits

working on: Lent! This year we gave up baked goods, cookies, chocolate, pretty much junk food as well as doing Lent with our Church

thinking about: how to decorate the mantal for the next holiday! 

anticipating: Disneyland!!! We’re heading down to San Diego this week to celebrate my 28th birthday and spending some time with our dear friends and spending a day (or two) in Disneyland, we’re also going to hit up the outlets and spend a few days on their beaches.  

From September 2011- my first trip to Disneyland

listening to: Maroon 5, I love them!! Unfortunately we’re out of town when they come…. sigh! They are on my list of artists that I want to see, but thats ok. I love all their music, such good workout songs!! 

eating: Healthy, with giving up all junk food for Lent, we’ve been eating healthy. I’ve been making some new recipes from pinterest

praying for: our families at work, for those kids/teens. For cures, for treatment to work, for the stress to not take a toll of the families and their marriages. For my marriage, for our hearts…. 

: that how I’m feeling is not a cold coming on. I’ve been taking vitamin C’s like their going out of style for the last few days, but no one wants to be sick before their vacation. 

laughing at: 


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