With us making our big announcement yesterday that we’re expecting our first baby, I feel like I can blog again! It has been a hard secret to keep but we just wanted to wait till 12 weeks and make sure that everything was ok before we shared the good news!

I wanted to get announcement photos taken and the first person that I thought of was Tanis, although we’ve never met, we have chatted quite a bit on facebook and Instagram and it felt like I already knew her. I emailed Tanis almost right away, I think I was maybe 6 weeks at the time, and we planned to take them around the 10 week mark. We met on a sunny Sunday evening down on Aldergrove lake park found a wonderful spot and she did her magic!

There are a few items that I wanted to include, my cradle was one of them. I guess you can say it was originally my brothers, since he is older than me, but then it was mine and it has been passed down to many family friends and so on, so this was important to me.

Both Brent and I have our first ‘stuffed’ animals, although mine is ‘dolly’- and she’s not very stuffed anymore. We spent some time shopping for our baby’s first stuffed animal so we also wanted to include these as well.

Then it was just some fun items that we liked, cute onesies, baby shoes, chalkboard signs. Here are a few more pictures (ok, maybe a bit more than a few as there was soo many that we liked!)

And of course, Izzie was there to join us! She did so well, considering that we forgot to bring a toy to keep her entertained while we were getting our pictures done, she did manage to find some dirt to keep her busy.


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