First Trimester

With just ending my first trimester I find that there is lots that I didn’t know to be aware of- but I did learn about them pretty quick.

The amount that you have to pee! 
I noticed this around week 5, I was now having to pee many times during the day, but it was having to get up 1-2 times each night. This did go away around week 7, but came back around week 9 and I have been continuing to get up at least once a night since. I’ve heard that it goes away in the second trimester but then comes back as the baby is growing in the third.

I was lucky enough not to be nauseous during the first trimester, well that’s not fully true, I feel like I can count on my hands the times that I have been nauseous but I have never thrown up. We just keep cans of gingerale in the fridge and my new friend Diclictin. But the hunger that comes in the first few weeks is crazy! I can eat a meal and then an hr later be hungry, Brent kept having this look on his face, like ‘really’?!?! There was one morning that I was so hungry I ate breakfast, had a snack not too long after breakfast and then had another snack, and I was still starving. I ended up crying because I was so hungry! After that, we went to Costco and bought some protein bars. I now keep some in my purse, work bag, car, ect.
Now, what I couldn’t imagine is being hungry and not being able to keep your food down. I’m lucky enough not to experience that, but I’m pretty sure that would make me miserable. 
And one would think with the amount of food I was consuming that I would gain 100lbs, I can say that I’ve only gain 1lb in my first trimester. I guess my body needed all that food to make a baby grow.
*On a disclaimer  I did try really hard to only eat healthy things, there was a few times that I broke down and had chips or other junk food*

I don’t mean being tired, I mean being exhausted! I was lucky enough that the way my schedule worked was I worked TONS in February and middle of March, but the end of March and most of April I was only working sets of 2 or 3 with 5 days off in between. What a blessing that was!! I found my self sleeping non stop, I would get up for a few hrs and then need another nap. I would be getting home from day shifts and be going to bed at 8:30pm and sleeping till 6am (then having to get up and go back to work). What my body is not used to is Night shifts, I was working so many days that the exhaustion post nights is still taking a toll on my body. I hear this gets better in your second trimester.

Is this new information to you? Did you experience any of these, or maybe there’s more!
Next week I’ll be in my second trimester and I hear that is when you Glow! 


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