It always falls on May 6th-12th.

It’s a time to thank the ones that I work with, 
the ones who I’ve learn from, 
the ones who have helped me learn, 
the ones who I couldn’t imagine doing my job with anyone else.

It’s a time to really think about what I do,
why I do it,
and the impact that I have on others….
and the impact that others have on me.

That 12 hour shifts can actually go by fast,
I do more than just give medicine,
I sit and talk to families
sit and play with kids.
I have the responsibly of (sometimes) having to give kids pokes,
and yet get to colour with them as well.

Where I work is hard work
it can be stressful,
yet so rewarding.

Families come and go
the battles are sometimes lost
but those kids never fade
you think of them from time to time and smile
and celebrate the accomplishments

This week is nurses week
I want to wish everyone that I work with,
have ever worked with, 
a Happy Nurses week.
You are all fabulous nurses
who really do take time to care
to love
and I hope you enjoy your week! 


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