Second Home & A Colourful Weekend

We love Seattle, it really is our second home. It close to the water, it doesn’t rain as much there, lots to see and do, love walking around dt and many of the other districts, lots of amazing little restaurants and we have an amazing friend there. 

We did have a reason for this trip, Annabell, Brent and I signed up to do the Color Run (it always feels a little weird to spell colour that way- lol). This was something that I’ve wanted to do for a little while, we signed up early in the year and it sold out within two days.

Now, to be honest I was running before I found out I was pregnant and was running until I was 8 weeks, but by week 9 (I’m week 14 now) I was barley able to walk, never mind run. My sciatic nerve was acting up and I was already waddling! Luckily it only lasted a few weeks and withint that time I started to bike again. So this 5k fun run was the first run I have done in two months. It felt great to be running with Brent and Annabell but half way though I did feel my legs starting to get tight. Oh well, guess its time to starting running regularly again.

Anyways…. the run was amazing!! SO much fun, I understand why they call it the “happiest 5k on the planet”! It really is, with passing each km they spray a coloured corn starch on you, and by the end you look like you walked out of Willy Wonkas factory. I actually got a personal best for myself, so we did have a good pace going. Would I do this fun run again? Absolutely! I cant wait to do it next year with little baby joining us! Here are some pictures via my iPhone.

715am, first in line! 
I put my iPhone in a ziplock, here’s the Orange 1km mark.
my running buddy! We let Brent run ahead then do a lap and run back to us.
Smile Brent! 

Post Run, Pre Colour Party! 

Colour Party!! 

Post Colour Party! 

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