24 weeks

How far along? 24 weeks 6 days

How big is baby? 11.8 inches & 1.3 pounds. The size of a Cantaloup.  

What is Baby doing this weekBaby is starting to look more and more like a baby. With pinker, more opaque skin, and starting to gain more fat. The lungs are working hard to produce surfactant (yay!) a substance that keeps the air sacs in the lungs from collapsing. This is essential for proper breathing once the baby leaves the womb and begins to breathe air.

Weight Gain? 12 lbs. Slowly making my way up the scale. 

Belly: Present.

Maternity Clothes? You betcha. 

Stretch Marks? Not yet… 

Sleep? Still no problems, so blessed!

Symptoms? Have an abscess on my gums and teeth, now on antibiotics and having to get a root cannel (with packing) so the abscess can drain for the next three months. Then once baby is born they’ll finish it….. not really looking forward to this. Getting it done next Thursday.   

Best moment this week? Hiking to the top of St. Marks. It’s my longest hike. Just too bad that it was couldy when we got to the top, and the amount of bugs along the way was crazy. Speaking of, does anyone know where to buy buglocks locally? Also running 9.5kms in 1hr 11 mins! 🙂 So proud of myself. (I did 3 runs this week, and a hike!!)

Miss Anything? Bending over and down like I used to. I’ve learned that I have pretty bad bending techniques  I use my back and not my knees. So now when I try to pick something up, it’s a whole lot harder…. gotta remember to use the knees. 

Movement? Yup, lots of little kicks, Brent still can’t feel baby. Soon I hope! 

Food cravings? Cheerios!! I think its really the cold milk that I enjoy. 
Food aversions? Nothing new. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Have you started to show yet? Yes. 

Gender? Unknown. 

Labor Signs? Nope

Belly Button- In or Out? In
Wedding Rings- On or Off? On

Mood? Feeling good! 

Exercise: We hiked up St.Marks on Cypress. Took us under 2 hrs to get up and then we stopped at the second look out on the way down. Total round trip time 4hrs 15mins. And still going for morning runs – did a 7km and 9.5km and 5.3km run this week. 

Looking forward to: Nothing really, there is nothing exciting happening for the next 2 weeks. Im working weekends, Brent’s on call. Which means nothing to look forward too.
Preparing for Baby by: Staying motivated by exercising. They say that the more you exercise the easier the labor will be and the quicker the recovery. I really hope this is true. (Motivation!!) 

Miss Izzie enjoying her hike.

Vancouver has put out 3 pianos along the seawall, (and 1 down on Robson) how random, yet I love it!!


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