26 weeks, 6 1/2 months, 75 grams & 21 kms

(The bright wrist band is for the SeaWheeze)
How far along? 26 weeks 5 days

How big is baby? 14.2 inches & 2.2 pounds. The length of a cucumber.  

What is Baby doing this week? The babes eyes have completely formed and will open soon, and he or she will begin to blink. Although it will take another week or two before babe can distinguish between light and dark from inside.
He or She can now respond to noise and has grown accustomed to the sounds of my heartbeat, digestion, my voice, music, Izzie’s barking and Brent’s voice.

Belly: Present.

Maternity Clothes? You betcha- got some “new” ones last week. So I’m enjoying mixing it up. 

Stretch Marks? Not yet… 

Sleep? Still no problems, so blessed! 

However with that being said… my body wants to go to sleep by 11pm, so night shifts are getting hard!! This week after my break I was nauseous, had heartburn, had growing pains in both of my ankles, and felt like crap…. oh man. 

Symptoms? Leg pain, my calves feel like I’ve been doing the Grouse Grind. What I should really be doing is wearing my compression stockings all the time, but really… its hot and gross out. 

Best moment this week? There’s a few….
Scoring some sweet deals on baby items! Got an A&A swaddle blanket for $4, a very soft new stuffed animal blanket for $2, and a teal bath towel for $2. Also picked up a few more Gdiapers! We got our pail and now I’m trying to find a pail liner and another wet bag.

Running the lululemon half marathon!!! 
To be completely honest, it was hard! I didn’t do any runs this week because of time and having to get other stuff done, so since I ran last and todays run I’ve noticed that I’ve grown! (Brent even noticed compared to the hiking picture). *I’m going to do a blog post on the SeaWheeze* but as a side note- it was hard yet such an amazing accomplishment. 

Baby bump wanted to be in a picture- I was so happy to sit and stretch and take my runners off!

Miss Anything? Nothing this week. 

Movement? Lots, more so when I’m sitting down, eating, or drinking something cold. Brent FINALLY got to feel a “kick” although he said it just felt like my belly had a twitch. 

Food cravings?
Feta!! Yummy. Greek Salads! 

Food aversions? Quiona, YUK! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Night shifts…. blah

Have you started to show yet? Yes. 

Gender? Unknown. 

Labor Signs? Nope

Belly Button- In or Out? In
Lots of woman’s have popped out by now, but not mine- I really don’t think that it will. 

Wedding Rings- On or Off? On – with room to spare still. 

Mood? Feeling good! Got my hair done this week! (Thanks Eliza!) 

Exercise: Oh you know, just a half marathon!!! 

Looking forward to: Starting to plan the “nursery”.

Preparing for Baby by: Doing the oh so famous Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT).
I’m sure many of you have heard about this “flat, sweeter than sweet, orange pop drink”. Its 75 grams of sugar, thats 5 table spoons of sugar, or just over 1/3 cup of sugar in a 300ml drink.
You have to fast for 8 hrs before, drink this drink within 5 minutes and then get your blood sugar levels checked (blood work) at the 1hr post mark and again at 2 hrs.
I was pretty lucky, the place that I go to has a “sleep room” so you can sleep in between your pokes.

On a follow up note, I did pass my glucose test!!


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