This is one of my biggest accomplishments… yet.

It seems that every year for the last few years I have decided that I want to do something to challenge myself.

2010- I cycled over 900kms in 10 days with Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley
2011- I cycled over 900kms (again) in Australia over 12 days – in their midsummer.
2012- Competed in the Tough Mudder in Whistler with a group from work.
2013- Ran the Lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon – 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

Yet I find that this challenge was the hardest.

There are a few reasons for this,
1) I kept comparing myself to everyone else.
2) I was training, and each week instead of getting “better” I was staying the same.
3) This was the furthest I’ve ever ran/walked/jogged at one time.

Brent and I signed up for this half marathon in January. We had heard from others that it was a real fun, and entertaining half marathon. A good one for it to be your first. So when registration time came around we signed up the first day.

Then in March we found out we were pregnant (yay!) I thought that this was something that I still could do, then in May I started to get nervous. I emailed lululemon asking for a refund but they said “for your safety we cannot issue refunds” which really confused me, I emailed them back then they said “you signed a waiver saying no refunds”. So there it was. Im doing this. *with that being said, if I really felt it was unsafe or the midwives did, I would have not done it*

With the weather being so crappy and raining all the time Brent and I didn’t do much outdoor running (or really indoor running since we don’t have gym memberships). Once the weather turned a corner we started to run. Up to two weeks before the half I was running 10kms with no problems, but then baby started to grow a little quicker than before, and so did my belly.
I did make an apt with the midwives the week before the half to make sure that I was still clear and good to go. They only wanted me to run 10kms, stay well hydrated, and walk the rest. This is the plan that I followed.

This Saturday was game day, we got all dressed up in our lululemon attire (I’m pretty sure with the amount of people running – 10,000, and everyone wearing lululemon from head to toe, that a small African country could have been fed for a year!) Anyways, Brent and I separated into our waves, and we were off.

I felt good running the first 3kms, had a good pace, good breathing but then started to get some cramps so I walked a bit. It wasn’t long until we were in Yaletown and on the SeaWall, this is where all of my training was, I felt like I was on my “turf” and my motivation was back. I ran for another 3-4kms, crossed over the Burrard St bridge onto Cornwall and was starting to feel not so great again. I decided to walk when I passed a fellow nurse who was watching her kids dance (they were one of our many live entertainment on the route) I ran up to her gave her a quick hug, she gave me some words of encouragement which set me in the mood to run again. Ran another km or two then ran into Starbucks and used their washroom (I mean common, who’s going to say no to a pregnant woman running a half marathon?!?!) I guess I should mention that there was port-a-potties along the route, with LONG time ups.

When I saw the 11km marker I was an hour and a half into the run. It was such a positive yet negative feeling. Really only halfway… this is when I started to compare my self to how I felt after my 10km just a few weeks ago. I felt great then, and not I’m not feeling so hot. I started to compare my self to everyone else around me, thinking that they’re still running/jogging, so should I. Then I remember that I was pregnant (yes I can forget that I’m pregnant), and that my situation is a little different. I’m running for two, Im 14lbs heaver than what I was when I signed up, my joints are starting to relax and stretch, and that I don’t want to push myself too hard that I end up with a 27 weeker babe (preemie).
I walked till about the 15km mark, then jogged a bit more, then started to get really bad back pain, my sciatic nerve really started to make an appearance (hindsight, it’s probably because babes head is down and could be pushing on it) I just kept on walking.

I got a text from Brent as I was on the Stanley Park Seawall, some wonderful words of encouragement (he finished in 2:02). That kept me going, around the 19km mark I felt like I could run again, and so I did, till just before the 20km mark. Then as I was walking I saw Brent, he found me by the Westin Hotel with just under a km to go we walked together, until I saw the finish line, then I found some more strength and ran to the end.

My time was 3:37, I wanted 3hrs, but thought that 3:15 would be more realistic. What I forgot to include was bathroom breaks, I needed 4, and 3 of them had line ups. This I figure added 20mins.

Overall it was a great experience, it was hard and I really had to push myself and change my way of thinking. And now I have a goal to beat for next year!

Thank you everyone for all of your support, and words of encouragement. I achieved another goal that I made, and look forward to whatever is next.


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