Cozy Cabin Anniversary

You probably wouldn’t think that August is a great time to head up to a cabin- maybe it’s just a little off season. But it was exactly what Brent and I wanted/needed for our Anniversary.

For the last 8 months Brent has been working a Monday-Friday (9-5ish) job. He still had to be on call once a month on weekends, and I have to work weekends. Leaving us not too much time to really hang out and talk, or really have time to connect between all the shift work and just being exhausted from pregnancy.

With little Baby V on his/her way we have been very money conscious and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of it to get away for our anniversary. I asked Greg, my old roommate (who was our MC for our wedding) if we could use his parents cabin up in Hemlock (since it is off season and we didn’t think that they would be using it) and we got a yes. We were so excited to getaway from the city, internet, and everything and just spend time together.

We both have never been to the cabin, and didn’t really know what to expect but was happy and grateful for this opportunity. We arrived Friday evening and stayed till Monday morning, spent time in the hot tub (I just dipped my legs in), sat by the fire, made s’mores, cooked, watched some movies and tried our hardest to avoid the internet (although with Andrew doing his first Ironman we were watching is progress online- still so proud of you Andrew!! 13hrs:16mins to complete an Ironman). Izzie of course can with us and loved our daily walks. We were thinking that there would be some hiking that we could do while up there, but we didn’t find any trails and then I got scared because we didn’t bring a bear bell or my bear spray- so longer walks it is.

Thanks again Greggers for letting us use your parents place!
We had an amazing time. 


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