DIY Nursing Tanks

**Update November 25th**
Baby Carter has been here for almost 3 weeks, and I’ve been using these tanks everyday. What can I say, they work great!! I’m so happy with them and I’m going to make some more in the spring to incorporate some spring colours!

With 4-6 weeks away from Baby V being born I’ve been looking at nursing tanks. I’m a pretty modest person and would prefer not to show my stomach (especially after having a baby) so I was looking into buying some nursing tanks. After looking around and finding that the average price was around $25-30 for a nursing tank I went onto Pinterest to find how I could make my own.

I went to Forever 21 (at the outlets) a few weeks ago and picked up 5 tank tops for a grand total of $9.25 (after exchange!)


I used a seam ripper to unattached the straps at the back of the tanks. (I’m sure that you could cut them too)


I did pre measure how big of a loop that I would need for the “front strap” to attach to my nursing bra and this is what I found I needed.


I then hand stitched all of the loops (which took about an hr)


and Voila!! It fits!!

I did have a concern about the tank staying up since there are no longer straps on the back but it’s snug enough to fit kind of like a tube top. And really, its ok if the back sits lower- it won’t be seen anyways.  (yes my rings are around my neck, its only because Im working and we’re not allowed to wear our rings at work- they do still fit 🙂


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