This year I have so much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for this pregnancy! I’m not sure how many people know but Brent and I tried to get pregnant for over a year. It was quite a struggle, with lots of heartaches, tears, and questions if we would ever get pregnant. We watched many of our friends get pregnant and then have their babies, as happy as we were for them, it was hard for us. As I have heard with many other marriages that struggle to get pregnant it can add another stressor and cause tension. But, for us this brought us closer, increase our communication skills and really made us talk. Then finally on March 5th (my birthday) we got the most amazing gift from God, we found out that we were pregnant. And now we’re 36 weeks pregnant, approx 28 more days to go until Baby V arrives we are so blessed and thankful this thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for my husband, who continues to work hard for our family. Who makes sacrifices to better help us out in the long run. Who loves me when I’m all hormonal or hungry or tired and then that leads me to be cranky. Who takes time out of his day to stop what he’s doing to help me with my ideas. Who is going to be one amazing dad to this little baby and I feel so blessed to call him my husband and that we get to spend our lives together.

I’m thankful for my family, who love and support Brent and I. Who watch Izzie when we have to work so we don’t have to put her in day care. Who always has leftovers for us to take home, and continue to love us. Andrew- you are also thought of, I’m thankful that you are my big brother, and that you are able to come out this way and meet this new baby and take time away from your schedule to be here. Can’t wait to see you and meet Maja.

I’m thankful for our pets, Izzie and Bailey. Who although bring much frustration the amount of love and joy they bring us far exceeds the times that my patience is tested.

I’m thankful for our home in Vancouver, although it may be small, its full of love.

This thanksgiving I have lots to be thankful for, I just wanted to share a few of them. And I hope that you are able to spend time with your loved ones and take a moment to give thanks!



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