DIY- changing pad cover


It just seemed like everywhere we looked for changing pad covers I didn’t like them, too boy-ish, or too girl-ish.
Since getting my “nesting” gift from Brent (the sewing machine) the amount of money that we have saved from me learning how to sew our own baby items has been quite a bit.
We picked out some fabric from JoAnn’s (have I mentioned how much I love this place?!?!)

For a standard regular changing pad you’ll need a 48in x 32in piece of fabric. (make sure you ask for more, this way you can wash and dry the fabric, from what I’ve heard, account for up to 5% for shrinkage)


Then cut out an 8x8in square in each corner.  (I folded the fabric so all the corners were together)


Sew each corner together to get a “pocket”


I then put a zig zag stitch boarder that would be where the elastic goes in.


I added elastic. 3/4″ – and Zig Zagged the two ends to make it stronger when being tugged.


Ta Da! The final product.


And a view of the cover inside out.


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