38/39 Weeks

week 39-2

How far along? 39 weeks, 2 days
This photo was taken Nov 5th – Baby Carter was born Nov 6th. Yes, I’m already in labor and have been having contractions for 30 hrs at this point.

How big is baby? Around 20 inches, and around 5.5-7.5 pounds. The fruit is starting to be pretty limited. This week is supposed to be a pumpkin, but we did that last week. So no fruit photo this week.

What is Baby doing this week? Babe’s lungs are almost fully functional! Since all of the growth and development has been done, babe is busy putting on weight before making their grand exit.

Weight Gain? 26 lbs.

Belly: I don’t think that the belly grew this week, maybe a bit. But I didn’t put on much weight.

Maternity Clothes? Yes, only really fit in them and nothing else. Well I do now wear Brents jackets and sweaters.

Stretch Marks? Still none!! 🙂

Sleep? Not like it used to be. Now waking up every hour and a half to two hrs to get up to pee. Also having ligament pain so thats keeping me up as well.

Symptoms? Round Ligament Pain.  Abouts as much fun as it sounds.

Best moment this week? Knowing that if baby comes anytime now that it’s ok! Can’t wait to meet the little one.

Miss Anything?  The regular movements that I used to be able to do. Bend, pick up items, put on my socks, not having to pee every hour.
Movement? Not too many kicks, babe is running out of room, lots of hiccups, and the occasional big movements.
Food cravings? Nothing.

Food aversions? Nothing new.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, no nausea this week.

Gender? Unknown.

Labor Signs? Nothing other than my hips starting to open.
On Nov 4th at 5am my water broke!! I did make an acupuncture apt a few days prior to help prior to delivery, and I still went. I’ve never been to acupuncture before, not sure if it helped or made a difference but it was worth a try.

Belly Button- In or Out? It’s a flatty….. not in, not out.

Wedding Rings- On or Off? Off- took them off 2 days ago. My hands are starting to swell, although if I do go outside they go back to normal.

Mood? About ready to get this baby out. One of the moms in our group said that she’s sleeping better now that babe is out.

Exercise: Walking Izzie.

Looking forward to: The arrival of this baby.

Preparing for Baby by: Trying to get as much sleep as possible.


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