Nursery Nook

With living in a one bedroom, 630sqft home, we found some struggles with making a nursery for the baby.

First off, standard size cribs are HUGE!! Huge if you only have a corner to put the crib in. We found a crib on CL for $50. It’s from Ikea, but its actually from Sweden, and its their apt size one- so smaller, much smaller than ours. So much so that you can’t find crib sheets for it, so I made some.
It was originally an unfinished solid wood colour, we sanded it and painted it with a environmentally paint. It’s as green, as green can be. The guy during the demonstration of the paint will eat a bit of the paint to show that its non toxic and there was no fumes either! 

Because we didn’t know the gender of the baby we wanted to be a neutral as possible. Our room is already painted grey, so that is what we went off of. 

I also spent some time making the mobile. I wasn’t sure what theme to do, but thought why not clouds, and then from there came the rain drops and stars. 

The LOVE sign I bought for our wedding but never used it, and the wood behind it was a random scrap that we found at Rona that we paid a few bucks for and then I also painted it. Brent added the LOVE onto it. 

I also saw lots of “nursery art” on Etsy, we wanted Biblical verses but I didn’t want to spend the money on them. So I made them, and got them printed at Staples on some good quality paper. (We also don’t own a printer) 

We already had the ladder and used that for storage. 

and boom, thats our nursery nook.





Photo credits to our photographer who came and did our Newborn lifestyle photos (I’ll post those later) Damara Moe.


2 thoughts on “Nursery Nook

  1. I absolutely love your nursery nook!!! You did such a wonderful job. I’ve only recently found your blog and am having so much fun looking through all your older posts.

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