Its been ONE month since I gave birth to Carter. He’s ONE month old… now I understand why everyone says time just flies by. This last month has, so I can only image how fast the next ones will. 

Because of this, I wanted to do monthly photos of Carter, in the same spot, with the stuffed animal that we bought when we found out we were pregnant. 

He’s 10 days old in this photo. 

And now He’s one month…. 


Carter is now 8lbs.13 oz
(birth weight- 7lbs.10oz)
Sleeps in intervals of 2-3 hours
Is a good eater

Loves the bath! Almost falls asleep every time
Can handle about 5 mins of tummy time at a time
Can lift his head for a few seconds

Loves to snuggle
Gives us lots of gas smiles. 


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