lessons learned.

I can’t believe how fast one month has gone by!

What have I learned about being a mom and babies in the last month? Quite a bit.

1) Breastfeeding is messy!! 
I don’t think I knew this at all.
a) Your boobs leak. When your nursing on the right, the left is leaking. They leak when you jump out of the shower. They leak when their really full and babe has slept an extra hour. They just leak. Make sure that you have plenty of nursing pads.
b) Babe will fill their mouth with milk, and then spit it all out. Leaving it to go on your arm (that under babes head) on your nursing pillow, and just all over the place. Placing a receiving blanket under babe and on top of your nursing pillow to help this.

2) Sleep is valuable! 
When baby is sleeping, you sleep! (And right now I should be sleeping!)
I start going to bed at 7pm-ish. After the 7 or 8pm feed I go to bed, then wake up around 10 or 11pm, feed then go back to bed. Repeat until 8am. Sometimes (by that I mean every night) Carter is awake from 2/3am – 5/6am and I stay up with him, getting lots of cuddles of course! (Brent stays awake with him from 8pm-1am- allowing me to sleep.)

3) Bring dinner over to new parents is amazing!!
I’ve done this before for friends who have a new baby, I don’t think I’ve ever realized the importance of this. Thank you to everyone who has broughten us over a meal, it has made a HUGE difference! You really have no idea, or maybe you do.

4) Laundry is now an every other day thing.
We used to do laundry once a week, now its every other day- really not a big deal. But the amount of little clothes that add up to fill the basket take a long time to fold.
Before when I saw a piece of laundry that I missed, it bugged me. Now, I know that it will be washed, folded and ready to go in two days.

5) Getting out of the house takes a bit longer.
Brent and I learned this one quick. When Andrew and Maja where here we went out for Sushi, it took us half an hour to pack Carter up. The next time we went out it took Brent and I an hour to leave the house (three diaper changes and two outfits later). We’ve learned that for appointments we really need to start two hours before we want to go (this includes a feeding for Carter) and I can now say that we haven’t been late- much.

6) How in love I am with this little guy!
I loved being pregnant, I guess it was because I also had a wonderful pregnancy with no real complications. The thought of growing a baby was amazing, such a miracle, the work of God. I tried as much as I could to remember and savour every moment of pregnancy. After all, who knows if we will have the same troubles as we did to get pregnant. But the love that I have for Carter is really indescribable. This little guy who needs all of my attention, love, and boobs also has all of my heart. And seeing Brent with him, and made me fall in love with him all over again, and in such a different way.

I’m sure there is more that I have learned… but this is what I can think of right now. And this is only in the first month. I can’t wait to see what else God and Carter have in store for us, and what else I will be learning along the way.



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