Happy New Year!


So Im a few days behind posting this… but I did manage to find a moment to blog.

We had no idea what 2013 would bring, but it has been a year with one amazing blessing!


In March we found out that we were pregnant, and after many weeks of keeping it a secret
we were able to share it with everyone at the end of April.



week 23-8

week 33-7


I even got a surprise baby shower thrown for me- thank you ladies, you really did surprise me. I felt so blessed!


At 35 weeks we got our Maternity Photos taken.
It was so much fun to show off my belly.


And at 39 weeks and 3 days, on November 6th at 1:12pm Carter was born, weighing 7lbs 10oz,
and measuring 19.5 inches long.

Baby Carter -129
Baby Carter -132
Baby Carter -42
Baby Carter -49
Baby Carter -82

Carter is almost 2 months old now, and its crazy to see how much he has changed since birth. It has been such a wonderful joy being a mom (yes, even at 3am when you haven’t slept and your boobs are engorged and your tired). We prayed for this child for months and months and this year we really got to celebrate the pregnancy, the birth of Carter and now we get to be parents.

But we have another major change happening….

We’re selling!!

We spent the last few days of 2013 cleaning our place and getting it all ready to be listed,
and in a few days it will be on MLS.

Brent bought this place before he met me (2 months before we met) and 642sqft has done us well. It started out as a home for Brent and his cat (Bailey), then we got married and I moved in, and not long after we got our puppy, Izzie.
Now we have Carter as well.
2 adults, 2 pets and 1 baby.
One would think that a little baby doesn’t take up that much space… but they come with lots of stuff.
We need a house.

Anyone interested in a wonderful, renovated, 1 bedroom home in False Creek???



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