For Sale


As I mentioned last post, we’re selling!!

This brings on many emotions… I love our place, great location, steps from the dog park and down to False Creek. Walking distance to Whole Foods and Save On, 25 min walk to work, 15 min bike ride to work. Everything that we need is just a walk away.
The problem is that we out grew it, in the four years since Brent bought the place quite a bit has happened. He met me, we got married, I moved in. We got a puppy, and now we have a baby. 643sqft just isn’t working for us anymore. If this place was 100 sqft larger and had a second bedroom we could make it work. But with shift work, and a baby we’ve outgrown it.

So if you know anyone looking for an awesome 1 bedroom home, let us know!!

Here are some pictures of our place.

van1 van2 van3 van4 van5 van6van8 van9 van10 van11 van12 van13 van14 van15 van16 van17


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