gDiapers – Cloth Diapers


Brent and I decided that we would give cloth diapering a try. We bought a whole bunch of gDiapers when we were pregnant. After about a month of using disposables (which we learned that Carter has a crazy sensitive bum and we now use cloth wipes) we made the switch to starting to use cloth diapers as well.

It felt so overwhelming… but I couldn’t believe how easy it actually was. Since Carter is exclusively breastfed, all of the poopy diapers are able to be tossed right into the washer machine. (The poop is water-soluble). If you are toping babe up with formula, or only using formula, you’ll need to scrape or rinse off the diapers before washing them.

So this is our routine…
I have all of the g’s ready to go (shells attached to the pants, and then stuffed with a cloth insert)

Here is the Anatomy of a gDiaper… taken from another blog

There are three components to a gDiaper. The gPant, the liner, and the insert. In this photo, from left to right, these are:

  • gPant
  • Nylon liner
  • gCloth – insert option #1
  • Cotton prefold – insert option #2 (folded into thirds)
  • gRefill – insert option #3 (the “flushie” or disposable/compostable/flushable insert)

The gPant has 4 snap tabs, one in each corner. The liner snaps into the pant using matching snap tabs. It’s easily removable for switching out for a new liner (when runny newborn poo inevitably gets on it) and for laundering.


Even though the three insert options above look like they’re totally different sizes, they all fit into the liner perfectly. All three are slim, too. If you use a newborn size prefold in a small gDiaper it will be really “chunky” on your baby, but the premie size is perfect. (Newborn size fits great in the medium/large gDiapers though.)


The final gDiaper body part is the Velcro. But really I think it’s Aplix, not Velcro. Whatever. Hook and loop closures… you know what I mean.

Each side of the front and the back of the diaper has both a hook piece and a loop piece, so when you do laundry, you can fold over the edges like this:

gdiapers3gdiapers4Very cute right?!?!Anyways… we have all of our diapers set up and ready to go.

Then I change Carter- as you would with any other diaper. But instead of throwing the diaper into the garbage, we have a garbage can on our patio with a pail liner inside of the pail.  I fold the Velcro tabs over, unsnap the shell (I leave the insert in the shell) and then toss it in the pail. That’s it!!

If the gPant isn’t wet or dirty you can use it again. Then every 2 days I take the pail liner out of the pail and empty the whole bag into the washer machine, (throw the pail liner in the washer as well), and then set the washer to (this part is where trail and error occur)

– prewash
– regular wash (warm water)
– double rinse

Using Nellies soap that I bought from Costco, and I add 60mls of bleach into the dispenser, and thats it!

I take them out after the cycle is done, toss them into the dryer and boom, your done!



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