The first two months have gone by fast, but this last month, not so much.

In the last 4 or maybe 5 weeks Carter has not let me sleep longer than 2 hours at night, he wants to be fed every 2 hours. Not sure why, or the reason for this but its made for one long month. The midwives were thinking that maybe thats all his little stomach can hold. This week Brent bottle fed Carter at 5am (allowing me to get a 4 hour stretch of sleep- first time in 3 months) and he only took 2oz!! Could this be why he wakes every 2 hours, he just can’t hold that much?? Then two hours later we bottled him again and he took 3oz… I really had no idea how much he’s been taking since I nurse him.

I’m really hoping that soon he will start giving longer stretches, maybe after his 3 month growth spurt. But for now, my body has gotten used to waking up every 2 hours.

But over the last month Carter has continued to grow!

He now weights 14lbs 2oz, and is 25 inches long. Continues to be on the 48th percentile for weight.

He comfortably fits in his 3 month clothes and has maybe another month to 6 weeks in them before they start getting tight. (Im planning on making some onesie extenders so they’ll last him a bit longer).

He got his two month vaccines two weeks ago- He did so well! He took that rotavirus (oral vaccine) like nobodies business and only had a quick cry after the 3 pokes. I also gave a dose of tylenol an hour before and a dose that evening just for comfort.

Carter continues to coo, and babble, and now gives us little laugh with his smiles.

He discovered his hands and now loves having them in his mouth (at first I thought that he was hungry, but nope, he just enjoys sucking on them) and also started to put objects in his mouth – mostly his blankets. (Maybe its time to buy a Sophie)

We also started a nightly routine this month.
I start this when I noticed his first yawn of the evening – around 8pm.

  • Bath
  • Baby Massage & Singing
  • Nurse
  • Sometime in the rocking chair
  • Sing and Cuddles and hopefully he falls asleep-
    then I bring him to his crib and put on his sleep sheep and his turtle lights.

He continues to work on his neck strength, and is rocking tummy time.

carter2months-14 carter2months-26 carter2months-29


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