Every year (well for the last two years) Brent and I have flown down to San Diego to visit our dear friends. This year was no exception, however, our party of two grew to a party of 3.

This was our first Family Vacation (Izzie and Bailey were unable to attend, but they were thought of and missed.) I just want to start out and say that Carter is a great traveler (he must get that from his mom), not a tear on the plane. Slept though the takeoff and was quite happy during the landing.


We started off our Vacation by spending the day at Disneyland! This just also happened to be my birthday. I can’t believe I’m 29! I remember when I thought 29 was old, it doesn’t really feel that old. I still feel 26 at heart, but I’m now officially in my late twenties. Although age really is just a number I am quite happy where I am in life. I have a wonderful career, I’m married to an amazing husband, we have a perfect little baby (we’re working on the sleep thing), own a home and have I have a cat and a dog. 29 doesn’t seem so bad after all.

So to celebrate we spend the day as a family at Disneyland.

IMG_7088 IMG_7101 IMG_7108 IMG_7120 IMG_7126 IMG_7134 IMG_7137 IMG_7141 IMG_7145 IMG_7151 IMG_7154

We really wanted to soak up the sun, so we spent some time at La Jolla Shores.

IMG_7214 IMG_7224 IMG_7219 IMG_7213 IMG_7199 IMG_7188 IMG_7184 IMG_7183


We went back down to Sea Port Village and thought that we should retake the picture that we took last year.

amy and brent-1 IMG_7232


and finally here are just some more photos of Carter.

IMG_7234 IMG_7241 IMG_7244




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