6 Months!


I can’t believe Im blogging about my little guy turning 6 months old!

He is now 17lbs 6 oz, and is 27 inches long!
He fits comfortably in his 6 month clothes, although he needs 9 month sleepers.
He is loosing his hair (compare it to all his other monthly photos!) It’s still lightening and he does have new hair growing.
His eyes change colour all the time, right now they are in between a dark blue to grey with some green. Every now and then there is a ring of hazel.

6 months is quite a milestone, he’s half way to turning 1, I’m half way though my mat leave, he’s now going to be starting solids, and getting his 6 month immunizations (on Thursday), and he’s continuing to grow and learn new things everyday.

I did want to wait till 6 months before we started solids, I know that you can do it earlier and many mama’s I know did. I just really wanted to exclusively breastfeed till 6 months and from what I’ve read and heard it can help to decrease any chance of allergies later on. And we gave him some pineapple!! We just loved the expressions on his face while he was enjoying it.

Carters personality is starting to really show, he’s definitely more of a “watch and learn” type baby as opposed to the “just go for it/adventure” baby.  He can be just as happy playing with his hands and toes over toys, and loves to people watch when going on walks. He’s not a fussy baby unless he’s hungry or getting tired. He’s full of smiles, giggles and some drool.

Although he doesn’t sit up on his own yet (he can last 5 seconds on his own before tipping over), or even roll He can now roll from his tummy to his back (he did this quite often at the 2 & 3 month mark but then stopped, but this last week he’s been back at it, no progress with the back to tummy). He is a very vocal baby, and I’m sure in no time he will be on the go!

And, the most amazing this happened this week…. he picked up his pacifier, and looked at it, then put it in his mouth himself!! And then…. he fell asleep on his own! This is amazing!!

This last 6 months has been wonderful, I love being a mummy!! I can’t wait for all the other little exciting milestones that will happen over the next 6 months, but first I just got to enjoy every moment because he’s only going to be this age once.





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