Q&A Whole30


We’re officially starting the countdown to our whole30 (2 days away). With that, I thought it would be good to ask Brent (and myself) what our thoughts are about it.

What do you think is going to be the hardest about the Whole30?
Brent- No instant food, lots of prep for the food and not being able to just go to the cupboard and getting some junk food. I think a nut mix will be my new friend.
Amy- No sugar…. over the last few weeks I’ve started to read more labels and sugar is EVERYWHERE! I really think the cravings are going to be hard.

What do you hope to gain by doing the Whole30?
Brent- Having a happier gut, losing a bit of weight, and see if the energy that they talk about does appear.
Amy- learn more about my diet, and change it post the whole 30, gain some more energy, and detoxify my body.

What food are you going to miss the most?
Brent- Sugar…. and refined foods- pasta and bread.
Amy- My coffee creamer, and bread, and my cottage cheese.

What foods are you not too fond but are a staple in the Whole30?
Brent- Sweet potato and Zucchini (not sure if I’ll like them at the end either).
Amy- Zucchini, but I do want to try Zoodles. I don’t like mushrooms either… yuk.

What food are you happy that you are allowed to have?
Brent- MEAT!!! If there is nothing else that I like, I can have meat, and eggs.
Amy- Bacon! So excited that this is allowed but gotta make sure that its nitrate free and has no added sugar. And really all meats. Im going to make brisket next week. (we’ve never had it before)

What food do you think you’ll be tired of by the end?
Brent- Sweet Potatoes, and if my friends are right, balsamic dressing.
Amy- Lettuce/Salads.

Do you have a NonScale Victory that you want to achieve?
Brent- More energy, so I can go for a run afterwork.
Amy- fit back into my size 2 jeans.


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