Carter has grown so much in this last month, not just in size but in abilities.

Last month he was just learning how to roll from his tummy to his back, now he’s a little pro at it. This last week he started to roll from his back to tummy (finally, well he did it once). A few weeks ago he started to sit unassisted, he doesn’t last longer than 30 seconds but he’s learning and working on it.

He started solids this month, we attempted the Baby Led Weaning. What I learned is that Carter is a sensitive guy to textures, he would touch the food and then cry, so then we waited a little longer before attempting again, and he just doesn’t like to touch it, we would hold the food and he would pull our hand towards him. We still don’t want to puree foods so we just mash up soft foods and spoon feed him that way he still gets to learn how to chew his food and that not all foods have the same textures. We’ll attempt the Baby Led in a few weeks again.

We had quite a few adventures this last month, we to Armstrong to visit my Aunt and Uncle. Headed out to Tofino with the teens from Balding for Dollars. I will say that Carter is a gem when it comes to traveling, so thankful for that!

Carter started swimming lessons this month, and although its more singing and getting parents comfortable with their child in the water, Carter really does enjoy it (and we get great naps afterwards!)

Carter also got his first haircut! It was overdue, but at the time we didn’t see it, but since we cut his baby curls two weeks ago he’s already needing another haircut. Brent has now become Carters hairdresser.

Carter is now 28″ long, and 18lbs 2oz. His eyes are hazel and he fits in 9 month sleepers and onesies but 6 month pants, and shorts. Still no teeth yet, and he’s not really teething much (that or the amber beads are working).

IMG_7588 IMG_7595 IMG_7623 IMG_7650 IMG_7522 IMG_0564 IMG_0613

IMG_7716 IMG_7725

IMG_7724 IMG_7730 IMG_7747 IMG_0804 IMG_0843 IMG_0851


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