Whole30- the first week.

Tomorrow Brent and I will have completed our first week of the Whole30. I gotta say that I’m quite surprised that I didn’t have any sugar cravings (well none yet). I do crave a snack at 8pm but craving sugary foods, none. I do WANT the cinnamon buns and Nanaimo bars that are in the freezer, but thats more of a want vs a craving.

I have found that eating healthy is pricey, my friends said that their food bill doubled the month that they did the Whole30 and I can see why, you just go through fruit and veggies quicker and they cost more money than the other fillers that we used to eat. I used to hate banana chips, now they are my new favourite snack. Im working on the apple chips…. although Costco in the states sells yummy apple chips, but we haven’t found that bag here.

Food prep takes longer, and you really got to think about what you want for the day/week.

Eggs are a main staple for breakfast. Salad wraps seem to be popular for us for lunch, and dinner is the easiest meal to plan. Avocados have now become a daily food for us, which is something that we never really used to eat. I learned to make a guacamole that is Whole30 approved, and I even made our own Mayo (I feel very domestic).

But how are we feeling?!? Besides Brent having cravings for sugar and sweets we both have been feeling great. Yes, we had headaches for the first 3-4 days but I’m pretty sure thats because we also cut coffee (only because we don’t like black coffee). I feel like we have more energy, I don’t want to eat out of boredom, and really only eat when I’m hungry or when its time for a meal or snack. By no means are we limited to our intake, or do we count calories, we can eat as much fruits, veggies and meats as we want. But once I eat a meal I just feel satisfied and I feel full for longer and don’t need to snack.

What we have really learned is HOW to read our food labels, sugar is in everything!! We are so thankful that Kirklands low sodium bacon has NO sugar, it was so hard to find bacon that doesn’t have sugar!!

So after almost completing our first week, I feel that we can do this for another 3. We’ll keep you posted!

IMG_0855 IMG_0857 IMG_0865 IMG_0882 IMG_0893


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