Whole30 Week 2

Two weeks down, two weeks to go!

I’m not sure if your supposed to be counting down the days as much as we are. This is supposed to be a lifestyle change, but I think it has just made us more aware of our sugar intake, well past intake.

This last week has gone by pretty fast, and there really has been no big changes to how we feel (from last week). We noticed that we don’t have our big 3pm crash of the day and that I don’t “need” my midday naps. But with that being said, I still enjoy my naps when Carter naps.

Not sure if its starting solids, or the sleep training, but Carter has been sleeping better too. Or it could be the lack of extra sugar in my milk. Who knows, but I’ll take it!

The headaches are long gone, and I haven’t had a cup of coffee in 15 days. I attempted some tea, but for me tea is a winter drink, it just doesn’t cut it in the summer. My friends suggested to try bullet coffee, so I did, but it still tastes like coffee. (I only added the coconut oil). We will see what happens when this is all over, weather I go back to my creamers or not.

Thank you ladies who have given us some new recipes! Can’t wait to try them. Breakfasts and lunches are both pretty routine but we look forward to dinners where we can spice things up a bit.

And thank you everyone who has given us your support, it really does make a huge difference!


One thought on “Whole30 Week 2

  1. I counted the days, more so my first time than my second time. I think it’s natural. I felt much better by the end of 30 days the first time around and decided to continue; after the initial 30 days, without the pressure, I almost totally stopped tracking where I was at.

    Congrats on hitting the halfway mark!

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