Whole30 Week 4

Whole30-Version-31 Its Day 30 today!! Its been 30 days since I last had sugar, grains, dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol, coffee creamers (yes, they get their own category), or processed foods. I honestly can’t believe that I made it!!! Well I do have today to get through, and the real reason that I didn’t quit was because  (and at times this was VERY hard), I publicly said I was doing this, the last thing I wanted to be was a quitter. If I would have quit this would have taught me nothing, Ive learned that I really am in control of my body, my cravings, and my attitude. I have more self confidence than I did when we started, I can even say no to the samples at Costco (which was hard!), I can make yummy meals without having to use processed foods, and I’ve learned that anything is possible if you try hard and put your mind to it.

Tomorrow we will weight ourselves and do our measurements to see how much we actually lost, I’m honestly not expecting that much and I’m ok with that. The lesson I learned is about sugar, and unnecessary fillers. With that being said, I am so looking forward to my coffee with my creamer tomorrow (only I’m going to cut it in half of what I used to have). With Carter getting up at the break of dawn, I just want to play with him and have my coffee right beside me.

From our family to yours! Happy Whole30!





2 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 4

  1. Way to go guys! I tried making my own coffee creamer which turned out pretty delicious, and I know all the ingredients 🙂 definitely love coffee creamer so was able to cut out some of the ingredients I couldn’t pronounce!

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