The Results – Whole30

finished-the-w30-fb-cover (1)



Yesterday was our last day of the Whole30, so that means freedom right?! Well we really like how we feel (and look) so we want to keep going, but now we choose our foods, its not a cheat but a choice of what we eat. Today I really wanted creamer in my coffee so I put half of what I normally would have and I was more than happy with it. I wanted some cottage cheese and saw that there really isn’t much sugar in it so I was ok with eating that, and we did splurge today (we decided that on Stats/holidays we would treat ourselves) so we got a small Coffee Crisp McFlurry and I don’t feel guilty at all! We also went grocery shopping and ended up buying pretty much everything that we have been eating. We’re going to try to stick with Whole30/paleo dinners.

But the results are in! Except the weight, we don’t own a scale, and I last weighted my self at work before the whole30 and I need to input my schedule so I’ll be weighing my self this week sometime. But we did do measurements, I lost 5 inches and Brent lost 6. I wasn’t sure about posting our before and after photos, but then decided why not, I wasn’t expecting a huge difference but I am happy.





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