Another month that has flown by and now summer is officially here! Finally time to show off those CUTE cloth diapers that we use.

I forgot to mention that we slept trained Carter almost a month ago and such a difference! He now goes to bed at 7pm, sleeps till 1am, gets a bottle, and then another feed at 5am and then our day starts at 630am. I am hoping that soon he will sleep till 3am and we can just have one feed during the night. Not sure how to do this, but I’ll start doing some more reading next month.

We’re still working on the baby led feeding, I can say that I didn’t want to be “that mom” (please don’t take it the wrong way if you are) who buys baby food, but Carter doesn’t like my cooking!! So now I stock up on the Baby Gourmet, and Plum when its on sale, and they have some good mixtures. Carter does like watermelon, mangos, pineapples, cucumbers, bananas, and avocados so these are my go to foods.

His mobility is trucking along, now rolls in both directions, sits up on his own for minutes before tipping over. He’s starting to want to make the steps to crawl but isn’t close just yet, and I’m ok with that. As soon as he’s on the move it will be time to baby proof the house, right now we’re in the middle of packing for our move next week so the house isn’t very baby proofed except for his little area.

AND finally, after almost 8 months (the day before he turned 8 months) he broke through TWO teeth! I had no idea that they were even coming. No wining, no fussiness, I just noticed while he was munching away on some Tupperware, that there was two teeth, and sure enough there they were, sharp little suckers too. We are already stocked up on Tylenol, Advil, Hylands, and Camilia for teething so if he need anything we’re good to go!

Carter also got to meet his cousin for the first time this weekend, he’s 33 days older than her, about 3 inches taller, but man she is ready to crawl and be on the move.

I have no idea how much Carter weighs but I want to say 20lbs, and he’s 29 inches long! Next month is our 9 month wellness check so I’ll get an up to date hight and weight.


We took some first day of summer photos! 

carter 7 months-3 carter 7 months-19 carter 7 months-29 carter 7 months-54

Carters first Mariners Game


Happy Canada Day!!IMG_1270 IMG_7875 IMG_7874 IMG_1036 IMG_1147


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