9 months, he’s 9 months old! I always felt like this is a little milestone as well, not sure why. He spent 9 months in me, and now he’s been out for 9 months. It just feels special.

Last month I guessed Carters weight and I was off, he’s 19lbs 14oz (or 19.8lbs) and is now 29.3 inches long. That makes him a tall baby who for the first time is above the 50th percentile (he’s at the 53rd)

He’s currently fitting in 12 month clothes (shirts, to onesies, to sleepers) but they all fit him comfortably with room to spare (except for the sleepers, he’s going to be in 18 month in no time). It’s finally nice to have clothes for him that he can wear for more than 3 weeks before growing out of them, and all these summer outfits are so cute!

His sleeping has gotten better (I think) he feeds *on most nights* once throughout the night, usually between midnight and 4am. So we do his bedtime routine, he’s in bed between 7 & 7:30, wakes for his bottle and then sleeps till 7am. Not to bad at all! Naps can be a challenge sometimes, but for the most part he’s still having two, 1-2hour naps a day.

I have learned that Carter is a picky little guy when it comes to food (wonder who he got that from *me*). He’s not a fan of baby led weaning, loves his purees and I’ve been trying so hard to get him to start eating more food with texture. He’ll eat fruit with no problems but no noodles, or veggies, he hated lentils, is ok with cucumber….. I have heard that when they are teething they can just push food away all together and his two front teeth look like they are going to pop through anytime now.

Although we’re still not crawling, this last week we have made some progress!! I’ve been propping Carter up on his knees for weeks and he just either A) rolls over or B) moves his knees from underneath him and lays on his tummy. BUT this last week when propping him he’s been staying up on his knees!! He’s able to pull himself up, and stand on his own from sitting on my knees (although has really bad balance). We’ll see what this next month brings. With us moving, and going up to Whistler to watch the Ironman Canada him not being mobile really hasn’t been a bad thing, but maybe we’re ready for it. Who knows, Carter could be one of these babies that just skips crawling all together.

The water!! He’s such a water baby, he finally had his first outdoor swimming experience first at kits pool and up at the hotel in Whistler. We’re going to continue with lessons in the fall.


The park- since living 5 mins from the park at Kits beach we’ve been going there almost everyday. He loves the swing, and I enjoy going on the round big swing with him. And just recently we put him back into the sand box (he hated sand when he was 6 months) but now he loves it!


Not a Fan of
Textured food, loves his purees.
His stroller, right now he’d rather be worn, so he’s getting lots of time in the Ergo.

What I Want to Remember
How much of an observer my child is, he just loves to sit there and watch the leaves on the trees, watch the other babies at the park, watch the ocean at the beach. He just takes these moments and enjoys them.

How much Carter loves to talk, he’s got lots to say, and he’s making lots of sounds “da-da, ya-ya, ba-ba. (no ma-ma.. yet). I love that we “sing” together and his happy giggles and sounds in the morning.

What Im looking forward to
The rest of the summer, getting to spend time with my little baby (who’s starting to not be such a baby anymore). For all the little trips that we still have planned.

His first words, I feel like its not going to be long now before they start coming, maybe Ma-Ma will make his list soon.


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