Swedish Visit & Ironman Canada

My brother came for a visit! We never really got along in high school, hung out with two different crowds, had different interests, just didn’t see eye to eye but that all changed 5 years ago when he moved to Stockholm, Sweden. Its funny how it takes a move to really understand and get each other, that or being adults.

My mom and I went out to visit him, that was almost 4 years ago. Brent and I have plans to take Carter and do a family trip out to Sweden next midsommer, but for now Andrew comes out here to see us once a year.

Andrew and his girlfriend Maja came last November to meet “the new baby” which Carter ended up coming a few days early. I was actually glad, I was nervous that Carter would be late and they wouldn’t get a chance to meet the baby.

IMG_4290 IMG_6277

Well this time Andrew came out by himself to compete in Canada’s Ironman up in Whistler. I’ve followed some of Andrews past Half Ironmans and Ironmans online but have never been there to cheer him on, so this seemed like a perfect occasion for a little family vacation up to Whistler to cheer him on.

IMG_1677 IMG_1635

The weather the week of the IM was perfect, a little cooler than the hot spell that we had just had but that Sunday the temperature was forecasted for a warm 31 degrees, and warmer in the Pemberton Valley.

We got up to Whistler on the Thursday (IM was on Sunday) that gave Andrew a few days to find the course route and get a little bike ride and swim in before the big day.

Sunday morning started early, we were up at 5:30 for our 6am walk/run to the lake for the start. Andrew got up at 4am. We never actually saw Andrew start but we did see everyone in their wetsuits and swim caps on, and a huge massive swim start. We stayed in the location so we could watch Andrew transition from swim to bike.

A little selfie while waiting…

Ironman Whistler-3 Ironman Whistler-5
After the swimming finished (we stayed till the end) the athletes have 2 hrs and 20 mins to finish. We made our way back to the hotel, but as we were walking back we passed the bike route, we asked around and we were at the 60km mark, so we figured that Andrew should be coming by in the next 30 mins, and we were right! We got to give him a little cheer.
Ironman Whistler-6 Ironman Whistler-10
Then it was nap time, part 1. Nap and then spend some time at the pool. We knew that we had about 5 hours before we would see Andrew at the transition for Bike to run. So after the pool it was lunch and nap.

We saw Andrew just past the transition and again at the 7km part of his run (he’s now running a marathon after swimming 3.8kms AND cycling 180kms). And we figured that we had another 5 hours until he would finish, so we would have our dinner, and then nap time part 3 (this being a spectator is exhausting!) 😉

Ironman Whistler-22 Ironman Whistler-17

We were able to keep track of Andrew since their checkin points is all online. So we were expecting him to finish around 10:15pm -10:30pm. Just before 10 we got up from our final nap, got Carter all ready and made our way to the finish line, and right as we were finding a spot we heard the MC voice “ANDREW ROSYCHUK…. YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” although we didn’t actually see him cross (I will say that he picked up his speed for the last 2 miles because he started to run with a friend). We did hear the announcement and did see him get his metal and space blanket. We were (and still are) so proud of him!
IMG_1735 IMG_1740

After 15hours and 9 mins of continuous strain on ones body, he finished. I couldn’t even finish one of the legs.


And a few other photos of Andrew and Carter.

IMG_1600 IMG_1897
ongratulations Andrew!! And we’ll see you out in Sweden next summer!!


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