This month we celebrated the big 10 months in Tofino, we hung out on the beach.

IMG_0328 IMG_0322
Teeth– He now has 4 teeth and I can just start to see another bottom one that will be coming up soon. 

Size/Clothes– He’s still in 12 month clothes including sleepers.

Sleeping– There has been no change to his sleeping, two naps during the day, and wakes one to two times during the night. Hopefully soon it will be less and less feedings in the night.

Food– When it comes to food, he’s still picky!! He’s starting to get better with the baby led feeding, but he loves food on a spoon. He just started to get into pasta (spaghetti, or bow tie noodles). Loves yogurt, hit and miss with cheese, loves fruit, really no change here this month.

Mobility– He can now get onto all 4’s and does a little bit of rocking, he attempted to move while on his hands and knees but lost his balance and landed on his tummy. But its coming! 

Loves– the mirror!! Whenever he’s a little grumpy boy I just bring him over to the mirror and I can get him smiling and giggling. He also loves his roughhousing with Brent; the laughs that I hear from him/them, oh I just love that sound. He’s also learned how to clap this last month, and he loves it, maybe its the praise he gets from us, but the smile that comes with his clapping is adorable! 

Not a fan– Of food, but really it’s come full circle, Brent and I were both picky kids, what else can we expect?!?

What I want to Remember
How he fits in my arms, how I just love when he rests his head on my shoulders, how he plays with my necklace for comfort. All these little things that make him “my baby” but yet he’s growing up so fast. 

What I’m looking forward to
Moving into our HOUSE!! The house were Carter is going to grow up in, where lots of memories will be made, where he will get his own room (which may be harder for me than him) where he’ll have a fenced backyard for him and Izzie to play in. Oh the possibilities! I can’t wait. 



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