16 months

I haven’t done a Carter update since his first birthday, so I thought it was time for a new one. These photos are from our Maternity photos that we got a few weeks ago.

Teeth- Has 12 (4 on top, 4 on the bottom, and 4 molars), just waiting for his k9’s to come in. In December he got 3 molars at the same time.

Size/Clothes- He’s still in 12 month clothes and 18 month Sleepers. He weights 21.5lbs and is 31 inches long! (as of his 15 month wellness check)

Sleeping- No problems! Amen!! Although now that I’m blogging about it I hope it doesn’t change.
We did some “sleep training” at 12-1/2 months. He cried once in the middle of the night for an hr, and that was it. He can now put himself down for naps, and for bed. He takes 1, 2hr nap during the day. Goes to bed at 7pm, and sleeps till 630-730am.

Food- He’s “Mr. Independent” as long as it can be stabbed onto a fork he’ll do it himself. So now, Im trying to find foods that he can stab.

Mobility- He’s not walking yet, but he is using his walker tons and loves to hold our hands and walk. So we’ll see how much longer before we have a walker.

Loves- Playing, music, books, blocks, the Tupperware drawer. OH, and throwing everything on the floor from his highchair.

Not a fan- of having to come inside from playing outside, even when he’s cold because he’s been outside for too long. I can’t wait for this summer and him playing in the backyard.

What I want to Remember- These days of cuddles, and the comfort that he finds in us. One day (soon and yet not too soon) he’s going to ask us to step back and let him do it on his own. But for now, I want to remember the dependance that he has on/for us, and that we have the ability to give him guidance, reassurance, safety and security.

I also want to remember how much of a little character he is. He’s so easy going, does have his grumpy/fussy moments but they don’t last too long. He loves to make faces and different noises. He flirts all the time with everyone and is quite a “ham”.

What I’m looking forward to
How he’s going to be as a big brother. Right now he really has no idea that there is a baby on the way. He just loves to pull up my shirt and find my bellybutton. I honestly think that all the “gentle” teaching we have been doing with him and Izzie since he was mobile will come in handy. I really think he’s going to hit baby in the face- lol.

DSC_4898 DSC_4769 DSC_4772 DSC_4727 DSC_4556 DSC_4564 DSC_4510


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