36 weeks

Poor baby #2- I haven’t even done one blog post about this pregnancy. I have been keeping up with the journal tho! Just no time to write everything down twice these days.


How far along? 36 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby? 20 inches, and around 4.8-5.5 pounds. The size of a honey due.

What is Baby doing this week? Babe’s lungs are almost fully functional! Since all of the growth and development has been done, babe is busy putting on weight before making their grand exit.

What is my body doing? With babe being head down, there’s lots of pressure on my bladder, that means lots of trips to the bathroom. It’s important not to cut back your fluids but just to make those trips.
I also this week got screened for Group B Strep. For adults its harmless, 30% of us carry it. But if it is passed onto baby and they get infected its bad news. To avoid this, if I’m positive I’ll just get IV antibiotics while in the hospital during labor.

Weight Gain? 25 lbs. (I gained a total of 26 with Carter!)

Belly: Continuing to grow!! Im just inbetween apts, I saw my midwives last week and will see them this week but Ive been measuring right on track.

Maternity Clothes? Yes, and this time around its not as easy to find normal clothes that will still fit. Winter you really need to buy maternity clothes. Since Im near the end Im rotating between many of the same outfits.

Stretch Marks? Still none!! Please stay that way!

Sleep? I wake up around 3am wide awake but I can fall back asleep within 15 mins or so. I’m getting up twice a night to pee, and since Carter sleeps through the night these sleeps seem amazing.

Symptoms? Just the normal, heart burn, having to pee all the time.

Best moment this week? I went back to the OB and he has given me the all clear to try for a VBAC!

Miss Anything?  When bending over to pick something up wasn’t so hard.

Movement? Little movements, theres not much room in there anymore for large kicks. Babe continues to have hiccups 2-3 times a day.
Food Cravings? A&W rootbeer

Food aversions? Nothing

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Have you started to show yet? You betcha!!

Gender? Unknown.

Labor Signs? Nope, not yet.

Belly Button- In or Out? In – for now, but its not as far of an innie as it used to be.

Wedding Rings- On or Off? On

Mood? Feeling good!

Exercise: Walking.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little one, although not too soon. After Easter, thats the date I want.

Preparing for Baby by: Nesting!!
The crib is put back together, I’ve made another 2 crib fitted sheets (one boy and one girl) The mobile is almost done (once again just need to add the last bit depending on gender), yesterday I pulled out the newborn clothes, they seem so tiny!
And here is the comparisonIMG_4071
Im more puffy in the face this time around….

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