40 Weeks


How far along?
40 Weeks (I’ve carried this baby for 3 days longer than Carter)

How big is baby?
19-22 inches, and around 6-9 pounds. The size of a watermelon.

What is Baby doing this week?
Babe’s lungs are fully functional! Babe has enough fat under his skin to keep warm.

Weight Gain?
32 lbs. (I gained a total of 26 with Carter)

Continuing to grow!! Im measuring a bit smaller as baby has dropped down into my pelvis.

Maternity Clothes?
Oh yes, and Brent’s.

Stretch Marks?
I noticed my first mark…. its small tho, but yes, I have one.

I seem to have lots of energy in the evenings, maybe its because I’ve been napping when Carter naps. I’ve been going to bed around 10, waking up once to twice to pee and then sleeping till 630/7am (when Carter wakes)

Just the normal, heart burn, having to pee all the time.

Best moment this week?
Having Brent home for 6 days, he’s busy nesting too (I’ll be blogging about his project)

Miss Anything?
When bending over to pick something up wasn’t so hard and I kind of want my body back.

Jabs more than anything, babe has ran out of room.
Food Cravings?
Food aversions?

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Have you started to show yet?
You betcha!!


Labor Signs?
Nope, none yet.

Belly Button- In or Out?
Still an innie.

Wedding Rings- On or Off?
Still on, I have no swelling.

Feeling good, went to the Chiropractor and RMT this week, my hips are all inline and my body is nice and relaxed.

Walking, playing with Carter.

Looking forward to:
Meeting this little one, although after Easter, or after Good Friday.

Preparing for Baby by:
Cleaning up around the house. I have all my “lists” ready, the hospital bags are packed (except for the electronics and snacks). Carters stuff is all ready incase he needs to go anywhere. Frozen meals are all done, crib is up, diapers are washed and ready to go, so are the NB clothes. Got the City Select stroller all ready to turn into a double. Not much more I guess, although I’m sure I could always find something.

I’ve also been really enjoying my one on one time with Carter, I know that my attention is going to be shared between the two of them, so for right now soaking in all the little moments that I can get.



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