Toddler Saftey

Carter is growing up more and more every week (well of course he is) but yesterday and today he has been starting to climb up furniture, and very interested in the stove. We have a few safety items around the house (baby gates, cupboard locks, electrical outlets blockers) but now it was time to think about furniture and the stove. A coworker of mine posted on Facebook about securing TV’s and dressers to the wall (to be honest, I didn’t even know these existed).

So we went to Baby’s R Us today and picked up a few items.
IMG_4377 IMG_4384 IMG_4385

It did cost around $50 for the 3 items, and yes we watch our spending money, but honestly safety is priceless. If Carter ended up with a burn, turned on the gas stove and we had a leak, or if the TV fell on him I would have beaten my self up for months, or years. So $50 is being well spent. (I’m sure there is more safety stuff that we need to get too).

I was able to put on the knob covers and the stove guard on in less than 5 minutes. I’m going to get Brent to help with the furniture straps later today.

But I just wanted to share some baby/toddler safety with everyone, and please share what you feel is important.

Here’s how the stove now looks.


16 months

I haven’t done a Carter update since his first birthday, so I thought it was time for a new one. These photos are from our Maternity photos that we got a few weeks ago.

Teeth- Has 12 (4 on top, 4 on the bottom, and 4 molars), just waiting for his k9’s to come in. In December he got 3 molars at the same time.

Size/Clothes- He’s still in 12 month clothes and 18 month Sleepers. He weights 21.5lbs and is 31 inches long! (as of his 15 month wellness check)

Sleeping- No problems! Amen!! Although now that I’m blogging about it I hope it doesn’t change.
We did some “sleep training” at 12-1/2 months. He cried once in the middle of the night for an hr, and that was it. He can now put himself down for naps, and for bed. He takes 1, 2hr nap during the day. Goes to bed at 7pm, and sleeps till 630-730am.

Food- He’s “Mr. Independent” as long as it can be stabbed onto a fork he’ll do it himself. So now, Im trying to find foods that he can stab.

Mobility- He’s not walking yet, but he is using his walker tons and loves to hold our hands and walk. So we’ll see how much longer before we have a walker.

Loves- Playing, music, books, blocks, the Tupperware drawer. OH, and throwing everything on the floor from his highchair.

Not a fan- of having to come inside from playing outside, even when he’s cold because he’s been outside for too long. I can’t wait for this summer and him playing in the backyard.

What I want to Remember- These days of cuddles, and the comfort that he finds in us. One day (soon and yet not too soon) he’s going to ask us to step back and let him do it on his own. But for now, I want to remember the dependance that he has on/for us, and that we have the ability to give him guidance, reassurance, safety and security.

I also want to remember how much of a little character he is. He’s so easy going, does have his grumpy/fussy moments but they don’t last too long. He loves to make faces and different noises. He flirts all the time with everyone and is quite a “ham”.

What I’m looking forward to
How he’s going to be as a big brother. Right now he really has no idea that there is a baby on the way. He just loves to pull up my shirt and find my bellybutton. I honestly think that all the “gentle” teaching we have been doing with him and Izzie since he was mobile will come in handy. I really think he’s going to hit baby in the face- lol.

DSC_4898 DSC_4769 DSC_4772 DSC_4727 DSC_4556 DSC_4564 DSC_4510



365 days ago our lives changed, this little baby that I carried inside of me for 9 months, and after 54 hrs of labor made his appearance, and our lives have never been the same.

IMG_4303 Baby Carter -47 Baby Carter -53

Our hearts have been so full of joy, and unconditional love over this past year, and for the rest of our lives.

There of course has been its struggles, all mostly with sleep… err lack of sleep. But because of the lack of sleep I’ve spent those moments watching Carter grow and turn into the little silly, happy, boy that he’s become.
Some little milestones.
Now 20.8 pounds, and 29.8 inches.  Birth weight- 7lbs 8oz, and 19.5 inches.
4 airplane rides
4 haircuts- needing a 5th one.
6.5 teeth (soo close, another day or two and it will be here- I already thought it was)
Hazel eyes
No nights away from mommy, yet….
Says “mum, mum, mum”  did say “dada”
Medium gdiapers, size 4 disposables
Fits in 12 month clothes, and 18 month sleepers
Really starting to love books and being read to.
Strawberry blonde hair.
Sat on his own at 7 months
Started to crawl at 10 months
Standing, not on his own yet, can pull himself up.
Walking, Im guessing around the 14/15 month mark.
Claps for “yay”
Shakes his head
Gives Eskimo kisses
Smiles and laughs a lot.
LOVES the water.
Sticks out his tongue when asked to “show me your tongue”
Full of love!

Happy 1st Birthday Carter!!! Can’t wait to see all that you do this next year. 


IMG_1252 IMG_1279



9 months, he’s 9 months old! I always felt like this is a little milestone as well, not sure why. He spent 9 months in me, and now he’s been out for 9 months. It just feels special.

Last month I guessed Carters weight and I was off, he’s 19lbs 14oz (or 19.8lbs) and is now 29.3 inches long. That makes him a tall baby who for the first time is above the 50th percentile (he’s at the 53rd)

He’s currently fitting in 12 month clothes (shirts, to onesies, to sleepers) but they all fit him comfortably with room to spare (except for the sleepers, he’s going to be in 18 month in no time). It’s finally nice to have clothes for him that he can wear for more than 3 weeks before growing out of them, and all these summer outfits are so cute!

His sleeping has gotten better (I think) he feeds *on most nights* once throughout the night, usually between midnight and 4am. So we do his bedtime routine, he’s in bed between 7 & 7:30, wakes for his bottle and then sleeps till 7am. Not to bad at all! Naps can be a challenge sometimes, but for the most part he’s still having two, 1-2hour naps a day.

I have learned that Carter is a picky little guy when it comes to food (wonder who he got that from *me*). He’s not a fan of baby led weaning, loves his purees and I’ve been trying so hard to get him to start eating more food with texture. He’ll eat fruit with no problems but no noodles, or veggies, he hated lentils, is ok with cucumber….. I have heard that when they are teething they can just push food away all together and his two front teeth look like they are going to pop through anytime now.

Although we’re still not crawling, this last week we have made some progress!! I’ve been propping Carter up on his knees for weeks and he just either A) rolls over or B) moves his knees from underneath him and lays on his tummy. BUT this last week when propping him he’s been staying up on his knees!! He’s able to pull himself up, and stand on his own from sitting on my knees (although has really bad balance). We’ll see what this next month brings. With us moving, and going up to Whistler to watch the Ironman Canada him not being mobile really hasn’t been a bad thing, but maybe we’re ready for it. Who knows, Carter could be one of these babies that just skips crawling all together.

The water!! He’s such a water baby, he finally had his first outdoor swimming experience first at kits pool and up at the hotel in Whistler. We’re going to continue with lessons in the fall.


The park- since living 5 mins from the park at Kits beach we’ve been going there almost everyday. He loves the swing, and I enjoy going on the round big swing with him. And just recently we put him back into the sand box (he hated sand when he was 6 months) but now he loves it!


Not a Fan of
Textured food, loves his purees.
His stroller, right now he’d rather be worn, so he’s getting lots of time in the Ergo.

What I Want to Remember
How much of an observer my child is, he just loves to sit there and watch the leaves on the trees, watch the other babies at the park, watch the ocean at the beach. He just takes these moments and enjoys them.

How much Carter loves to talk, he’s got lots to say, and he’s making lots of sounds “da-da, ya-ya, ba-ba. (no ma-ma.. yet). I love that we “sing” together and his happy giggles and sounds in the morning.

What Im looking forward to
The rest of the summer, getting to spend time with my little baby (who’s starting to not be such a baby anymore). For all the little trips that we still have planned.

His first words, I feel like its not going to be long now before they start coming, maybe Ma-Ma will make his list soon.




Another month that has flown by and now summer is officially here! Finally time to show off those CUTE cloth diapers that we use.

I forgot to mention that we slept trained Carter almost a month ago and such a difference! He now goes to bed at 7pm, sleeps till 1am, gets a bottle, and then another feed at 5am and then our day starts at 630am. I am hoping that soon he will sleep till 3am and we can just have one feed during the night. Not sure how to do this, but I’ll start doing some more reading next month.

We’re still working on the baby led feeding, I can say that I didn’t want to be “that mom” (please don’t take it the wrong way if you are) who buys baby food, but Carter doesn’t like my cooking!! So now I stock up on the Baby Gourmet, and Plum when its on sale, and they have some good mixtures. Carter does like watermelon, mangos, pineapples, cucumbers, bananas, and avocados so these are my go to foods.

His mobility is trucking along, now rolls in both directions, sits up on his own for minutes before tipping over. He’s starting to want to make the steps to crawl but isn’t close just yet, and I’m ok with that. As soon as he’s on the move it will be time to baby proof the house, right now we’re in the middle of packing for our move next week so the house isn’t very baby proofed except for his little area.

AND finally, after almost 8 months (the day before he turned 8 months) he broke through TWO teeth! I had no idea that they were even coming. No wining, no fussiness, I just noticed while he was munching away on some Tupperware, that there was two teeth, and sure enough there they were, sharp little suckers too. We are already stocked up on Tylenol, Advil, Hylands, and Camilia for teething so if he need anything we’re good to go!

Carter also got to meet his cousin for the first time this weekend, he’s 33 days older than her, about 3 inches taller, but man she is ready to crawl and be on the move.

I have no idea how much Carter weighs but I want to say 20lbs, and he’s 29 inches long! Next month is our 9 month wellness check so I’ll get an up to date hight and weight.


We took some first day of summer photos! 

carter 7 months-3 carter 7 months-19 carter 7 months-29 carter 7 months-54

Carters first Mariners Game


Happy Canada Day!!IMG_1270 IMG_7875 IMG_7874 IMG_1036 IMG_1147



Carter has grown so much in this last month, not just in size but in abilities.

Last month he was just learning how to roll from his tummy to his back, now he’s a little pro at it. This last week he started to roll from his back to tummy (finally, well he did it once). A few weeks ago he started to sit unassisted, he doesn’t last longer than 30 seconds but he’s learning and working on it.

He started solids this month, we attempted the Baby Led Weaning. What I learned is that Carter is a sensitive guy to textures, he would touch the food and then cry, so then we waited a little longer before attempting again, and he just doesn’t like to touch it, we would hold the food and he would pull our hand towards him. We still don’t want to puree foods so we just mash up soft foods and spoon feed him that way he still gets to learn how to chew his food and that not all foods have the same textures. We’ll attempt the Baby Led in a few weeks again.

We had quite a few adventures this last month, we to Armstrong to visit my Aunt and Uncle. Headed out to Tofino with the teens from Balding for Dollars. I will say that Carter is a gem when it comes to traveling, so thankful for that!

Carter started swimming lessons this month, and although its more singing and getting parents comfortable with their child in the water, Carter really does enjoy it (and we get great naps afterwards!)

Carter also got his first haircut! It was overdue, but at the time we didn’t see it, but since we cut his baby curls two weeks ago he’s already needing another haircut. Brent has now become Carters hairdresser.

Carter is now 28″ long, and 18lbs 2oz. His eyes are hazel and he fits in 9 month sleepers and onesies but 6 month pants, and shorts. Still no teeth yet, and he’s not really teething much (that or the amber beads are working).

IMG_7588 IMG_7595 IMG_7623 IMG_7650 IMG_7522 IMG_0564 IMG_0613

IMG_7716 IMG_7725

IMG_7724 IMG_7730 IMG_7747 IMG_0804 IMG_0843 IMG_0851



I feel like we were just in California, spending our days in the sun and Carter just turned 4 months old.

This last month has gone by so fast! Tonight, as I was singing to Carter he was just singing away with me.
(I ran out of songs to sing, so Brent and I youtubed Sharon Lois and Bram, the Elephant show! SO many memories)

Carter is now…
16lbs 6 oz
26 cm long
Loves music
Talks up a storm
Enjoys the Jolly Jumper
Started going to the Chiropractor (to help with his sleep)
Has gone swimming
Showing more interest in books
Watches us like a hawk when we’re eating (will be starting solids in a few weeks)
Fits in his 6 month clothes with just a little room


Here are some more recent photos!

carter4months-9 CarterStPatties-8 carter4months-3