Chalk Paint Project #2

I can’t believe that I was able to chalk paint TWO pieces of furniture this week! They have been sitting in the house/garage for over a month or two, but I am so happy that they are done!

A few months ago Brent and I were discussing where the Baby was going to go after our room. Since we own a 3 bedroom house (plus a loft) and I really like the idea of having a spare room for company it made sense that the kids would share – doesn’t matter if they are the same sex or not. So because of this I needed to find a dresser that would work for the room (certain dimensions so it would fit between the two cribs and by the window. And well, after a few weeks of searching I found one on Craigslist for $20, and once again the people where only 15 mins away!

I really wanted to be bold and paint the dresser an orange, green or navy blue. But, since we don’t know the gender and I want it to last for more than a year or two; I chickened out and went with an old white.

I was able to do 2 coats one evening after Carter went to bed (I left one hour in between for drying), and then finished the 3rd coat and wax it the following day. Total time spent, 3-1/2 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix,  just under 3 hrs!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is amazing!! After doing two projects, each one with 3 coats of paint, I still have HALF the tin of paint and over half the tin of wax.

What will my next project be…..

Once again, Thanks Andrew for the spray paint!!
I did buy 4 new knobs this time around, and used the bottom 4 that it came with and spray painted them the flat black.

Total cost to the project
$20 dresser, $18 knobs, and $25 paint/wax (if you split the $100 that I spent into what I used) = $63














Chalk Paint

Since moving into our house I’ve had ideas, plans on how I (we) want our space to look, the vibe we want from our home. Since Brent and I love the farm life, and really wish that we could live on a farm we wanted more of a country, cottage feel.

With that comes some work (unless you want to spend lots of money buy new furniture). It’s a slow process of finding the “right” piece and then fixing it up.

I’ve bought this dresser off of a bidding site for less than $40 (and the lady only lived 5 mins away!)
I wanted it for our entry way. A place to store some shoes, Izzies items, and just random odds and ends that we need.

I’ve done LOTS of reading on chalk paint. I bought some of the Behr from Home Depot (in the states) and used that for Carters wooden crates, and for two shelves. It honestly was really thick, I had to add lots of water to the container and it didn’t “glide” on that easy. So when it came to actual furniture I wanted something that wasn’t going to waste my time (since it’s been rare for me to have some time to do projects). I decided to go with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (yes it is expensive) I also bought the wax as well (also expensive) from the Passionate Home in Langley. For the paint and wax it was $95 but since I got the piece of furniture for such a good price, and apparently one can of paint can do quite a bit of furniture out I thought that I would try it for myself.

And…. It is amazing paint!! I was able to paint this in 35 mins (for the first coat)

IMG_2157 IMG_2158
Because the dresser was such a dark wood, the ladies at the Passionate home told me that I would probably have to do 2-3 coats of paint. Another amazing feature about chalk paint is that it dries very quickly. I was able to do 3 coast, each one taking about 30 mins to do.

Then I used the clear wax to finish up the dresser. It took about 25 mins to apply. I had read online that waxing is a huge pain, but I really didn’t find it a pain, but my arm did get sore pretty quickly with the same motion over and over again.

I learned that hard wear is expensive! SO i just decided to spray paint the hard wear that it came with (my brother had left a flat black can of spray paint from when he was here this summer, so I used that. Thanks Andrew!) IMG_2145 IMG_2166
I did two coats of spray paint, let it dry outside (in the sun) for an hour and then reapplied it to the dresser.


This is the final result. Im quite happy with it!! Actually.. I LOVE IT. And I probably used about 1/6th of the can of paint and about that in the wax as well.

And total time actually spent on the project, around 3 hrs.

IMG_2172 IMG_2170
So would I recommend the ASCP, yes! Although it is pricey, it gets the job done quick, is great quality, and there are lots of colours to choose from. (This is the Old White).

Next…. the dresser for the nursery.


Just because I love my tulips that I got for my Birthday from Brent.

DIY- changing pad cover


It just seemed like everywhere we looked for changing pad covers I didn’t like them, too boy-ish, or too girl-ish.
Since getting my “nesting” gift from Brent (the sewing machine) the amount of money that we have saved from me learning how to sew our own baby items has been quite a bit.
We picked out some fabric from JoAnn’s (have I mentioned how much I love this place?!?!)

For a standard regular changing pad you’ll need a 48in x 32in piece of fabric. (make sure you ask for more, this way you can wash and dry the fabric, from what I’ve heard, account for up to 5% for shrinkage)


Then cut out an 8x8in square in each corner.  (I folded the fabric so all the corners were together)


Sew each corner together to get a “pocket”


I then put a zig zag stitch boarder that would be where the elastic goes in.


I added elastic. 3/4″ – and Zig Zagged the two ends to make it stronger when being tugged.


Ta Da! The final product.


And a view of the cover inside out.

DIY gDiaper Inserts

We’ve decided to cloth diaper. We bought used gDiapers from another momma. We only want to do laundry every 2-3 days and was thinking about buying some more cloth inserts. We figured that we need about 10 a day, and already have 17, so I made another 13.

I spent lots of time on etsy, and pinterest to find out what other mommas have done. There are many different types of fabrics that different moms have used.  Bamboo fabric was discussed as well as microfiber, and then good old flannel was also mentioned. We went to JoAnn’s and talked to the staff there and a mom who’s been making her own inserts for years was standing beside us and highly recommended flannel with a “diaper wicking” fabric on top (that would be the fabric that would touch babe’s bottom).

We picked up
1 yard of the wicking fabric for $4.00 (was on sale for 50% off, Reg price $7.99 yard)
2 yards of flannel for $6.00.
And used a 20% off total purchase coupon for a grand total of $8.00
*gdiaper insert sells for $5.00 each*

On a side note- we won’t know how well these work till mid December. We decided not to cloth diaper for the first month. I will give an update incase anyone else wants to make their own.


First I made out my own template. I found some on pinteret but once I printed them and measured them to
the actual insert I found that they were too small. 


Then I traced out my template onto the flannel fabric. (I do have the flannel folded, hints why its pinned in place for cutting)

I used four layers of flannel, and one layer of the wicking fabric. 


I used a zig zag stitch- if I owned a surger, I would have used that. 

And within 2 hrs, I had 13 DIY gDiaper inserts! 

DIY Nursing Pads

** Update November 25th**
Baby Carter has been here for almost 3 weeks now, and this is what I have learned about my nursing pads.
They need to be thicker. I’m using two pads instead of one and that seems to do the trick. I’m not sure later on if I’ll only need one, but for right now two is working.
I’ve had a few friends suggest cloth nursing pads, at first I didn’t really like the thought of cloth pads but then I didn’t like the thought of spending money on disposable ones. I checked around on Etsy for some and thought that $10 for 10 sets was a good deal, but then while doing research on how to make our own gDiaper liners I thought I could make nursing pads too. I was over at my girlfriends house and saw what cloth nursing pads look like. I got an idea of the size and just found a glass and circled top of the glass onto paper and made that my template.

The whole project cost less than $3.00!

From there it was really easy!!

We already bought a “sand” colour flannel fabric and some “diaper wicking” fabric from JoAnn’s in Bellingham for another project.

I traced out circles onto the felt (I already washed and dried the fabric) thought that 3 layers of flannel, and a top layer of wicking would do the trick.

I pinned the circles and did a zig zag stitch since I don’t own a surger.

And within two hrs I had made 12 pairs of nursing pads. We’ll see how they turn out in a few weeks.


DIY Nursing Tanks

**Update November 25th**
Baby Carter has been here for almost 3 weeks, and I’ve been using these tanks everyday. What can I say, they work great!! I’m so happy with them and I’m going to make some more in the spring to incorporate some spring colours!

With 4-6 weeks away from Baby V being born I’ve been looking at nursing tanks. I’m a pretty modest person and would prefer not to show my stomach (especially after having a baby) so I was looking into buying some nursing tanks. After looking around and finding that the average price was around $25-30 for a nursing tank I went onto Pinterest to find how I could make my own.

I went to Forever 21 (at the outlets) a few weeks ago and picked up 5 tank tops for a grand total of $9.25 (after exchange!)


I used a seam ripper to unattached the straps at the back of the tanks. (I’m sure that you could cut them too)


I did pre measure how big of a loop that I would need for the “front strap” to attach to my nursing bra and this is what I found I needed.


I then hand stitched all of the loops (which took about an hr)


and Voila!! It fits!!

I did have a concern about the tank staying up since there are no longer straps on the back but it’s snug enough to fit kind of like a tube top. And really, its ok if the back sits lower- it won’t be seen anyways.  (yes my rings are around my neck, its only because Im working and we’re not allowed to wear our rings at work- they do still fit 🙂