30 at 30.

I’ve officially left my 20’s and now have entered my 30’s. I remember when I thought that 30 was old… I don’t feel old. I woke up this morning feeling the same that I did the day before. I don’t feel any different, although maybe today I should start using anti-ageing face wash instead of my anti-acne face wash.

When I think about 30 I really am everywhere that I wanted to be. I’m married to an amazing man who is always by my side. We bought a house this year, we have a sweet sweet son and baby #2 is due next month. I have a career that I love – although at times I think, “why did I pick a shift working career?”.
I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me, for us and for this life I have.

So to celebrate my 30th, I wanted to write 30 things that I’ve learned about life and myself.

1) I’m a dreamer, have always been one, will always be one – sorry Brent

2) I like to plan ahead. Way in advance, sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes its not.

3) That being a good wife is much more than “yes dear”, its about spending quality time, communicating, laughing together, and to just “be” together.

4) Being a mom is hard work, I’m loving it, but it can having its struggles and long days. The hugs, and kisses I get in return are worth much more than words.

5) I don’t like the rain. I wish we lived somewhere warm with less rain, one day I’ll get over it, maybe I wont.

6) I love being pregnant- although it can be uncomfortable at times. There is something about growing a baby, bringing life into this world that I love. I also will always remember that this is a blessing and not all women who want to carry a baby are able to.

7) Being an adult is serious business, there are lots of decisions in life- I just wish I wasn’t so indecisive.

8) Being a home owner comes with lots of work, its like having another job. Lots of maintenance needs to be done. (I can’t wait for our garden this summer!)

9) Tulips are my favourite flower.

10) I love coffee, but only with flavoured creamers. The actual taste of coffee I’m not a fan of.

11) I’ve learned that spending a lot of money on items isn’t worth it. I’d rather spend money on things that create/make memories over items. It’s important to live below your means.

12) Sleeping in is something I’ll never take for granted again. Before kids sleeping in was amazing, something I would try to do, now its a luxury, and it doesn’t happen often.

13) I’m learning how to spend less time on the internet, this includes my phone. There is so much in life that Im sure we’re all missing by always being connected. I want to enjoy the little things, spending time outside with the family and friends, creating memories.

14) Perspective is important. When you want to complain, just really look at your perspective of the situation. Im sure you’ll change your mind. I’m still working on this one.

15) Go with your gut feelings.

16) You will always be a student. Life is full of opportunities to learn, also share with others what you have learned, past mistakes, regrets, and anything helpful.

17) Your metabolism does and will slow down, treat your body with respect.

18) People cannot read my mind, I’ve been working on this. Actually saying how I’m feeling or what I’m wanting.

19) Knowing and understanding love languages are important. I wonder what Carters  and Baby #2 will be.

20) Don’t spend too much time worrying, you’ll lose sleep, and as I already mentioned sleep is important.

21) I’ve learned to be grateful for what I have- kind of goes with the whole perspective. Don’t compare your self to others, once again not worth it. Everyones roads are different.

22) I love sweets, but not the pastry kind. The chocolate, ice cream, cookies, brownies kind. They are so bad, yet so good!

23) Your never too old or have too many to make a new friend. You never know the impact that someone may have on your life, they may be around for just a season, or a lifetime.

24) Enjoy Snow days, we don’t get them often. So when we actually get one, enjoy it and spend the day outside!

25) Busy is overrated!! It really is, the fact that Carter goes down for the night at 7pm keeps me at home (not that its a bad thing) but it allows me to unwind and not make plans. One little activity a day is ok, more than 2 is not.

26) Its important to keep your word. If you say your going to do something, do it.

27) It’s also ok to say No.

28) Family is important, as you grow you learn this more.

29) You are never to old for Disney movies! And now that I have kids, we get to watch them all over again!

30) Be kind to everyone and smile.

So for today, I’m going to celebrate the 30 years that I have had. Spend time with Brent and Carter and create more memories. Although I can’t have any wine, I will enjoy my Sanpellegrino and ice cream this evening!



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