There has been such a huge change in the last 4 week, my little baby carter is now a little boy. So much more “toddler” like. Its wonderful and yet overwhelming at the same time.

This last month we also had a wonderful time out in Ontario and went and visited Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. (Its an apple farm)


IMG_0559 IMG_0575

IMG_0644 IMG_0688

Teeth- Carter did get this 5th tooth this last month, he now has 3 on the bottom and 2 on top.

Size/Clothes- He’s still in 12 month clothes but with sleepers he’s now in 18 month. He weights 21.7lbs and is 31 inches long! (Last month he weighted 20.8lbs)

Sleeping- Has gotten so much better over the last week, (while we were in Ontario it wasn’t great at all, except for the one 9hr stretch he gave us). But now he’s only waking up once a night (betwn midnight and 2am) and sleeps in his own room, and wakes up between 6-7am.

Food- Has also been such a big change, he’ll eat almost anything we eat now!! All of a sudden on the farm he stopped being picky and started to eat soups, cheese, rice, anything that we made for lunches/dinners he would eat. Its been so wonderful. And, although he still doesn’t really feed himself much he does take almost anything off of a spoon.

Mobility- We have a full blown crawler!! He also pulls himself up, furniture walks, and is trying to stand on his own but isn’t quite there yet.



Loves- Emptying baskets/boxes/drawers ect. Enjoys emptying our clean folded laundry, his toy truck thats full of mega blocks, and hitting Tupperware together.

Not a fan- I can’t really think of anything, he’s just such a happy baby.

What I want to Remember- How he loves to explore, try new things, and has no fear (right now, which is also a bad thing too). I want to remember how he sees the world, and all the cuddles he gives us, right now.

What I’m looking forward to
His first birthday party!!! He’s actually have two, one with the family and one with the babies from our South Birthing Program group. (I’ve mentioned these wonderful mama’s and their babies before) and we’ve stayed friends over this past year (we even have a date to the pumpkin patch this month!) and a perfect way to celebrate our babies is to have a big one year birthday party!!



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